We asked how your company could use bikes to improve your work-life, and everything in between - and you delivered! Companies around the world sent in videos to explain just how much bikes would help their business. Well, we watched ‘em all and now we’re proud to announce our winners! These lucky workplaces will each be getting three brand new bikes, customized to match their style, and geared up to make them lean, mean, business machines – let’s check ‘em out!


eROI – Portland, OR

eROI is a digital marketing agency who needs bikes to get around, spread the word about their brand and, most importantly, fit-in in Portland, the bike capitol of the US.

eROI custom bike breakdown: Light grey frame with white deep dish wheels with a comfortable yellow saddle and matching grips. Topped with custom decals on those pearly white rims. 

They were so excited when they won that the laws of physics briefly ceased to apply. Hopefully the new bikes will help them be accepted by the community and give them the confidence to retake the streets. We can’t wait to see what they do with their new rides!

When we heard that we had won the Pure Fix bikes, a mysterious anti-gravitational force pulled everyone into a spontaneous group hug of victorious celebration. Luckily, no one self-combusted in our ecstatic explosion of joy.
— Josh, eROI Visual Design

IDX does… a lot of cool stuff like create useful technology for real estate brokers, but the thing they’re best at is keeping their team of amazing employees happy and effective. They asked for bikes to give their awesome crew one more perk to look forward to in the office – the freedom to pop out for lunch on two-wheels, take that meeting to the bike path, or provide an alternate option for commuters. Check out the sleek custom bike that they crafted below! 

IDX custom bike breakdown: Gloss black frame with hyper-green GLOW deep dish wheels. Blue grips, blue saddle, blue pedals and a sleek but silent green chain. To top it all off they had their awesome logo and company motto made as decals for placement on the rims, top tube and chain stay. 

We could not be more excited to be chosen by PureFix Cycles, a company that has such a dedicated effort towards producing a healthy work life balance for their employees and customers. Our employees enjoy over 300 miles of bike paths and Eugene is recognized as one of the most bike friendly cities on the west coast. We know encouraging different forms of transportation has helped make our employees happier and healthier.
— Bryson, IDX Director of Sales Operations

We can’t wait either! And both companies aren’t done winning yet. They’ve each got a chance to “level-up” by putting some miles on the bikes and earning themselves some new parts, perks, and upgrades just for using them!

Stay tuned for the follow-up where we’ll check in with each company, show off all of their final custom creations, and track their progress as they “level up”, making their bikes better and better.

Want to join the business bike revolution? Give us a ring or drop us a line, we’d love to help your business boost morale, productivity, and general awesome-ness. All it takes is a few bikes.