dealer loaders

Boost your sales by offering your dealers and distributors purchasing incentives for selling more product. Instead of giving away discounts, add a purchase reward with a stylish bike your customers can't say no to.    


Bring your retail display to life with branded bikes. Create an attractive point of sale display to catch your customer's attention.


With a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from, our bikes are the perfect promotional products to fit your company’s advertising needs.  

GIVEAWAYS & Trade Shows 

Create hype around your brand and increase your customer email list with a branded bike giveaway! 

High Brew CoFFEE

We have seen a lift in sales since the bikes are only supplied with a mandatory case purchase. Our grocery retailers use them in displays, for anniversaries and employee appreciation events.
— Edwina Villegas, Director of Sales

KIND Snacks 

pure fix kind snacks promo bike on display