Corporate Gifts  

Rewards are an important component for management to make employee happiness a part of a company’s culture. They're a way to recognize all of the hard work, enthusiasm and positive spirit that teams bring to work. Reward your best with bikes! Need some examples? Read our blog

Office & Campus Bikes

If your company has multiple buildings that employees need to move between during the day, bikes will save you time, increase staff productivity and happiness with a little exercise. Create an active work and environment that your employees will love. 



Kick off the New Year and celebrate the winter holidays by giving a gift your employees will rave about and can use everyday. 


Celebrate your company's milestones with beautiful branded bikes. We will work with you on crafting the perfect gift to make your celebration unforgettable! 

Half an hour of daily cycling could cut a person’s health-care costs by $544 a year, not to mention the potential savings on fuel
— Journal of Physical Activity and Health
case study

At the Facebook HQ we partnered up with Bikes Makes Life Better and created custom branded bikes for their employees and facilities teams to quickly get around their extremely awesome campus. 

How many bikes: 400! 
Why: With over a dozen of different buildings, employees and staff use custom Pure City bikes to get around the Facebook campus. Imagine trying to make it to a meeting if you're in building 1 and need to get to building 12!

Fun Facebook Bike Facts: 

  • Facebook has a Philz Coffee shop on campus but many employees often cycle to the Starbucks several blocks down the street 
  •  Right in the middle of campus, they have a free, full-service, bike repair shop 
  • They offer loaner bikes to employees who need to borrow a bike
  • Interns get a loaner bike for an entire semester
  • They have replaced service vehicles on campus with cargo bikes