The points of trade promotions are to help companies differentiate a product, increase product visibility, and increase the product purchase rate. The food, beverage, brewery and spirits industries are very competitive spaces, and because of this you not only have to have a great product, but you also need to provide sales incentives (a.k.a. dealer loaders) for buyers to pick your brand over your competitors. 

Let's take a look at how we have helped some of the top beverage companies in the world create the coolest dealer loaders with custom branded bikes. 

COMPANY: High Brew Coffee 

PROMOTION: High Brew Coffee runs national promotions and offers their distributors and retailers a custom High Brew branded cruiser bike as a purchasing incentive for 75+ case orders. Pretty sweet, right? 

RESULTS: Over $375,000 generated in sales 

Brand Benefits:

  • High Brew gets front and center floor real estate in grocery stores. Ex: end of aisle shelf placement (the bigger your dealer loader, the more real estate you get!).
  • High Brew sells more cases of their amazing coffee, increasing their average order size. 
  • High Brew attracts consumers who love and ride bikes (this year the number of trips made by bicycle in the US is over 4 billion!).
  • High Brew gets a moving advertisement from the end-consumer who rides this branded cruiser, which by the way, will last for decades. 
We have seen a lift in sales since the bikes are only supplied with a mandatory case purchase. Our grocery retailers use them in displays, for anniversaries and employee appreciation events.
— Edwina Villegas, Director of Sales at High Brew


Distributor Benefits:

  •  Distributors can use the bike as a sales rep incentive. Ex: top performing reps of the month can win the High Brew customer cruiser.
  • Distributor is getting a high quality custom cruiser. Studies show that a cash incentive is neither as memorable nor as effective as a physical gift incentive.    


  • Retailers can run a consumer promotion. Ex: Buy 5 High Brew Coffees and you are entered to win this bike 
  • The retailer has a beautiful, free display that will attract shoppers and convert them into customers. Think we're lying? Just ask High Brew or call Whole Foods
  • Pure Fix Cycles is a leading lifestyle retail brand in North America and consumers naturally remember promotions with brands that they recognize 


Now that we've covered all the awesome benefits, it's time for you to get your wheels turning (no pun intended) and drive those sales with a winning dealer loader program. To inquire about our custom and branded bike programs, click on the black box below. If you would like to share some great stories of other successful dealer loader programs, feel free to comment below.